Dental Bridges

couple smiling showing white teeth

Dental Bridges in Dublin, CA

Missing teeth can put a real damper on life. Between talking, smiling, and eating, once-easy tasks are more difficult after tooth loss. Now, you can restore the gap in your grin thanks to dental bridges! These useful prostheses replace a single tooth or multiple teeth for results that look and feel natural. Ready to live your life to the fullest with a full smile?


Bridging the Gap

Dental bridges—as their name suggests—fill in the space left behind by missing teeth much like a life-size bridge that connects the gap between two pieces of land. In the past, bridges were usually fixed in place using metal clasps. Now, traditional bridges are commonly fixed using crowns that we attach to the natural teeth remaining on both sides of the gap. The false yet realistic-looking teeth that fill in the gap (called the pontic) sit along the gum line where the missing teeth once lived and help prevent misalignment issues with your remaining teeth.


Implant-Stabilized Bridges

For those whose natural teeth maybe aren’t strong or healthy enough to support crowns all on their own, we can place dental implants to get you where you need to be. The bridge will still use crowns to stay in place, but—instead of attaching to natural teeth—it will attach to the dental implants. While bridge restorations typically last around 15 years, the dental implants themselves can last anywhere from forty years and up. Whether you will opt for another bridge or go for something like implant-stabilized dentures, your implants will remain useful in the process of restoring your smile for many years to come.


Affordable Dental Bridges

Need to replace missing teeth, but cost concerns keep standing in your way? At Dublin Corners Dental, we provide a wide array of financial options to help you fit your dental bridge into your budget. Check out your financial options and discover how you can save big.