Let us brighten yellowed or stained teeth with a professionally supervised at-home treatment. Can’t wait? Ask for in-office treatment, ZOOM Advanced Power. It’s safe, effective, and fast. Best of all, your teeth will be dramatically whiter in one hour.


A veneer might be for you. A thin layer of porcelain is applied to the front of a tooth, dramatically improving its position, size, color, and shape. Veneers provide a permanent solution in just two clinical procedures.


Chipped, stained, or worn teeth can be repaired with a composite resin applied directly onto the tooth’s surface. Smiles restored, all in a single visit.


Crowns are placed over the entire tooth to correct severe decay or misalignment, as well as on teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. Crowns provide a stable bite and enhanced aesthetics.

Inlays and Onlays

Silver fillings are replaced with composite resin material, porcelain, or gold. They are virtually undetectable, and conserve much of your natural tooth structure.


Let us replace missing teeth with porcelain or a composite material to create a bridge. A bridge spans the site of the missing tooth, restoring your bite and creating a pleasant smile.


Fixtures are inserted into underlying bone, serving as the base for an artificial tooth. A natural-looking crown is then connected to the top of the implant.

Headache Prevention

Effective migraine and headache pain prevention is now possible, without taking drugs. Ask us how.

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